Outside the Box: The need for Innovative Learning Environments

The traditional model of the classroom as the primary teaching environment is quickly becoming anachronistic. The teaching method of “chalk and talk” that I grew up with, has been supplanted by more innovative and technological savvy methods. These require a rethink of the way we build and interact with the physical environment of a school. […]


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School Choice vs. No Choice

Educational policy is the bellwether of overall government social policy in New Zealand. Despite the appearance of independence, it is inextricably linked to the whim of political and business decision makers. As the economist, Paul Samuelson stated, “the very name of my subject, economics, suggests economizing or maximizing but political economy has seen us go […]

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Let’s talk about sex: gender and sexual identity in secondary schools

The Secondary school environment is an incubator for social construction. It both shapes, and is shaped, by present and future societal expectations. Francis Xavier once said, “give us the boy, and we’ll make the man” and it was adopted as the motto of Jesuit educators. Educational institutions play a formative role in an individual’s notion […]

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